Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Can See It!!

I can FINALLY see the grass! I have never been more excited in my life to see grass in my front yard! Granted, it's wet and mucky... and there are still huge splotches of snow surrounding it... but it reminds me that there is HOPE for a brighter season... SPRING shall soon be arriving!!! Even if Punxsy Phil said we had to wait 6 more weeks. Phooey on him!! I am holding out hope that spring will come sooner rather than later!! I am SO ready for it!

Yesterday was a good day. Boo and I went out to Cory's parents place to hang out. Cory was off helping some friends with their taxes, so Boo hung out with Cory's dad... and I went with his mom to the basement... to look at... BABY PICTURES!!! It's been 3 years and yesterday was the first day I saw Cory's baby pictures. Oh my goodness. They are SO cute! It's so weird to see pictures like that and then look at the person NOW and see the similarities and differences. (He had quite the head of blond hair!) I thought it was hilarious to see all of the toys he had in Christmas pictures. I kid you not... a big Mr. T doll! Complete with bling! A smurf tricycle! A ton of GI Joe, WWF, Transformers, etc. And a HILARIOUS Alf shirt! We enjoyed going through the pictures and talking. Boo enjoyed all of the attention she was getting also. It was a really nice day away. I am glad I was able to take Boo. I always feel guilty leaving her home alone for any extended amount of time (even when I go to work!).

I came home to find a book in my mailbox! If you haven't checked out That Chick Over There's Blog... I highly recommend it! She is just REAL. Recently she wrote a book called "Meeting Mr. Wrong. The Misadventures of a Southern Belle" . I pre-ordered it awhile ago and was so excited to see it in the mail! I immediately started reading it and was totally laughing out loud only a few pages into the first chapter. I'm looking forward to reading the rest over the next couple of evenings!

Is everyone gearing up for Valentine's Day? I can't believe its almost here already! Time sure flies! Cory and I have decided to just hang out at my house ALL DAY... and he even agreed to watch the ANNE OF GREEN GABLES movies with me! Woot! He doesn't know what a T R E A T he is in for! :) I will probably make some different foods to nibble on for our movie day and just enjoy the nice, quiet time at home. There is a show at the teen center that we probably should have said we'd volunteer for--however the guy who does the booking doesn't really seem to CARE that some of us may have VALENTINES DAY PLANS and just books whatever he wants without asking if it's a good day for everyone else (while he, of course, never bothers to come to ANY shows). So, Cory and I opted out of this one. We didn't really feel like spending our Valentine's with a bunch of people we don't know and hey, we'll be there the day BEFORE volunteering anyway. So oh well!

I am off to eat some breakfast and get ready for church!! Have a GREAT Sunday! (I hope you can see some grass too!!!)

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