Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Flu...

I haven't posted in awhile because I have been so busy. Last weekend I was away visiting family and then this week I was supposed to get my passport, find flower arrangement ideas to talk to the florist about, go to the tux shop with Cory, volunteer this weekend at the Teen Center, have a practice hair appt for the wedding... and of course, go to work every day (BLAH!). Turns out... I have the flu. Well, that is what the doctor believes. I could barely stay awake on Wednesday at work--I got my 8 hours in by 1:30... dragged myself to the prothonotary's office to take care of passport stuff... and then went home. Thursday I went to work half a day and couldn't stand it any longer. I came home and slept and slept. Friday I didn't even TRY to go to work. I called off and just kept sleeping. I got up long enough to call the doctor, take a shower and then go back to sleep for a little while. The whole time I was a mess of aches and pains, chills and fever... coughing and sniffles. Miserable, seriously. I made it to the doctor and found out I had a temp of 102. The doctor said I could have pneumonia or the flu virus. She said she's only seen the flu one other time this season! Sheesh. I had to drive to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription, then to the hospital to get a test to see if I really have the flu. (They made me stick a long Qtip up my nose until I about choked--very weird sensation). I came home and went right back to bed... waiting for the doc to call with the results--which she never did.............????? (UGH). I have mostly been laying in bed. That's it. Cory has been over to take care of me... he made me soup and muffins and has given me medicine. All the while I have just been coughing and hacking and sleeping. He even put a cool wash cloth on my forehead to try to cool me down with my raging fever. I don't remember anyone doing that since I was small and my mom took care of me. Anyway... I am bummed that I had so much to do and didn't get to do any of it! I still should be in bed right now... but I am just so tired of laying around. I know I need to rest though... I am just tired of resting!!! I thought I'd get online to look up bouquet ideas... but I can't find any!!!!!!! I am looking just for a simple yellow rose with white daisies arrangement for me to carry... and then just a simple bunch of white daisies for the bridesmaids. You would think with so many internet sites and such that it wouldn't be hard to find something I like. No luck. I don't want gerbera daisies. Just plain white, wild-flower type daisies.... and soft yellow closed roses that aren't in a big round ball!! (You know those types of bouquets). I would like something more natural looking. Oh well... I will figure it out.
The wiring and plumbing on the "new" house should be done sometime this week... which means it will be time to go in and clean up and get ready to move some items in. I am struggling with the thought of living in such a small house (even though my current house is so small)... but I guess I will just have to make the best of it. Decorating for Halloween won't be too hard with the bright orange kitchen counter. LOL...
I am off to switch some laundry and climb back in bed for a bit... I hope no one else has caught the flu-bug. It is definitely no fun!


  1. I am so so sorry you are so sick...but don't stress or worry about anything else right now..just rest and let your body heal! The rest will take care of itself! xoxo

  2. hope you're feeling better soon! i've been sick with a sinus infection for the past few days, and i'm sure i'm not feeling as bad as you, but i know what you mean about not getting stuff done.

  3. Devon I am so sorry you are sick, i hope you are feeling better by today..:) we are getting a lot of snow where i live in CT, we are getting 6-10 inches maybe 1 foot of snow..yikes!
    i am doing well :)
    weight watchers so so..not good at all, but i took up running and that's fun!! i am doing a 5k run in early April..i am so excited, and i want to do a half marathon on June 28th!!! yeah :)
    i am also going to London then Paris on March 13-20th in 2 weeks! i am beyond excited, then in April i am going to New Orleans again to help with missions work and with construction! i am so excited, God is doing so much in my life all at once..But please pray for me because i am going through a serious spiritual rut right now, i've been spiritually attacked too, i have talked to my other pastor about it, he's helping me with those issues, but i still need prayer Pray for me to find a peace of mind and for God to heal all my broken parts inside and for God to have HIS way in me :)

    and i'll pray for your flu to go away girl..!!

    well that's the update for now!

    pls write me anytime either on yahoo, my blog, or facebook!

    Blessings & HUGS always!

    In Christ, Jane.


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