Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vacation Day?? HA!

I have been running around like crazy trying to do things. What a busy time of year!! I have a horrible cold and have not been feeling well... so I took the day off to rest. I haven't done much resting... but I have felt a little better as the day goes on. Unfortuntately, I found out earlier this AM that my work is laying off 35 people today! My coworker and friend, Cathy, got laid off. That makes me really sad and disappointed that I didn't go to work. I will have to take over "Shipping & Receiving" duties again as I did before we split it into two functions. I feel horrible for all of those people who got laid off, especially around the holidays (conveniently before bonus checks get handed out). Please keep all of those who are struggling in your prayers.

Last night was our Ladie's Christmas Party for work. You may have read in a previous post that we get a profile of a family in need... and instead of buying gifts for each other, we buy for the family. It is then taken to the police station and they take it to the family on Christmas Eve as an anonymous gift. My mom did mostly EVERYTHING as far as cooking and such. I helped set up and get the table ready... and coordinated games, etc. Here is a pic of the table.
This is the bundle of presents that were brought and wrapped at the party! It might not look like much--but there are presents stuffed down into all of those bags and boxes! We had a good time. Lots of fun and laughter... and good food!! We hope that these presents will bless this young family more than we could ever imagine!!!

Last, but certainly not least, today is my nephew's 3rd birthday!!! He is obsessed with my volkswagen bug and bus... so we are having a small (immediate family) party for him tonight with a "volkswagen buggy" theme! I think he will love it! Cory and I got him a tshirt with 3 bugs on it that says Slug Bugs and on the sleeve it says "slug here". I also got this little iron-on transfer off of Etsy. I ironed it on a zip-up hoodie that hopefully will get worn a lot! I also offered to make a "buggy" cake. I tried to make a big one--but I had all kinds of trouble with the icing! So I opted to make a mini-cake just for Jax! I hope he likes it! (I did some touching up on the wheels after I took the pic. I didn't realize they looked so sloppy!) I hope I feel better by tonight so that I can enjoy it all as much as possible! Here is the birthday boy!
Check out my sis's post about Jaxson's Bday!


  1. Hope you got to go to the party tonight! I read about it on Katy's Blog. I do hope you will be feeling better soon!

    I love that cake!!! You did a fantastic job!

    Nice idea about the family too. Its such a nice feeling to know that you have helped someone out over the holidays.
    Take care

  2. DEV:

    hey girl! i really enjoyed reading your last 2 posts..i think i emailed back about a week or so ago and left a comment here, but didn't get a response!!
    This will be short because i'm pretty tired! I just wanted to say that I miss you and need YOUR long emails again! lol =))

    And last week i went over the 35 points not by a lot but by some and still lost 1.5!! can you believe it??
    My net tally loss of 7 weeks is around 12 pounds...11.5!! I'm so proud of me =))

    well talk soon honey!!

    Blessings & HUGS to you!

    Have a blessed holiday =))

    Blessings & HUGS to you always!

    P.S. I will email you this comment too!

    talk soon!

    HUGS again!

    In Him, Jane.

  3. I am so so sorry that Cathy got laid off :(. That is horrible! And truly a hard time of year to have that happen. Will she be OK? Is there anything we can do to help???

    It looks like the Christmas dinner went well! All the gifts are awesome! That family is going to truly be blessed! How wonderful!!! :)I love that idea!

    Thanks for all your help with Jaxson's birthday! I really appreciate it! I still need to write thank yous!!!!

    ttyl!!! xoxo


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