Monday, December 22, 2008


I really haven't been on the blog scene much lately... I have been so busy. Last week I rushed to the hospital with my aunt because my uncle had to have emergency surgery. He is OK and home now, although still recovering. Friday I took the day off from work and hung out with my cousin to do a lil last minute Christmas shopping... and then volunteered at the teen center for the evening. Saturday plans got foiled by the hospital visit my uncle had to take (his wife was supposed to do my practice wedding hair)... so I helped my mom wrap presents, went to a jewelry party for another cousin, and then was luckily able to relax at home with Cory and watch a movie later on that evening. Sunday was church... then home for lunch... a lil time with Cory--finished the movie... then back in town for a Christmas Open House at the parsonage... and I spent the rest of the evening there.

That about sums it up. And in between, when I can, I have been reading.

Oh. And work. Lots of working overtime... tomorrow I have to get up at 3AM to be in to work at 4. Not sure if I will be able to drag myself out of bed... so I will be hitting the hay soon!!

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  1. You have yourself a wonderful Christmas! It's been fun getting into the blogging world this year and "Meeting" you and your sister!
    Take care


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