Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Afternoon Snowball Disaster!


I was able to get out of work a little after 3 today. I've been getting a lot of over time now that they laid off my coworker in receiving. (Makes sense to pay 2 people time and 1/2 to cover for the job of one person. Yeah. Oh well.) So I decided to cut out 20 mins ealier than normal. Anyway... I came home, dropped my stuff inside and took Boo out to the back yard to play a little. She ran around a couple of minutes... then she kept sniffing (or what looked like sniffing) at the grass. Now, the snow has melted considerably. We have more grass showing than snow at the moment. Well, I started throwing small snowballs at her to get her attention. I am not a very good shot, I must say! But she just kept "sniffing" all over the place. Come to find out.. she discovered yummy rabbit turds all over the yard. Everywhere she went... she'd scarf up a little pile. (OI!!) So, I started chasing after her... which was more like... taking a few steps toward her which made her scurry all over the place. It was funny. Finally she gave up on that game and started sniffing for the rabbit presents again... and so I figured I'd throw one last snowball at her and take her inside. One.last.snowball. I leaned down to scoop up a little handful of snow... only to realize that in a split second, my fingernails had grazed upon quite the chunk of dog pooh hidden beneath the white, slushie mess. Great. Like I said, one last snowball. For sure. I couldn't have been more disgusted! EW! I immediately called Boo to come inside with me and scrubbed and scrubbed! UUUUUGH! I then had to clean up (shower, etc). Well that entailed... washing my face and washing my hair, etc. All the while feeling like little particles of dog doo-doo were still haunting me. You know, the microscopic particles that you can't see... but that make you sick or.. ughh! Gross! So... I have no word to the wise... because I honestly had no idea that there was a little surprise under that pile of snow. I guess all I can say is... never eat yellow snow... and hope to God that next time you go to make a snowball... you don't stick your hands in anything brown!!! *gag*

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  1. I needed some humor today...okay, I know it isn't humor for you...but it did make me smile, because I could picture myself doing something like that....haven't done it yet....but......

    Have a good day!


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