Thursday, October 9, 2008

It Seems as if a Lifetime Has Passed...

I haven't blogged in a bit... my apologies. And my apologies for not having been able to keep up with reading blogs as well! I have been busy!!

My mom and I went to this Fall Festival about 1.5 hours away last weekend. It wasn't as good as years past, but I picked up a brand new pair of shoes for $2!! (There are vendors... but also people bring yard sale stuff out in front of their houses) I think we got some pretty good deals all around. We ended up missing a turn though as we were chatting and ended up taking this road with a quaint little sign for Route 45 "this way". Ended up, we went OVER a mountain on a dirt road.... took us 40 mins out of our way! We should've turned around and gone back the way we'd came... BUT, I admit... the scenery was beautiful and it reminded me of taking the mountain road to my grandparents house years ago. Kind of made me sad at the memories. My grandpop passed away 7 years ago and my grammie ended up moving closer to Philly to be near one of my aunts. Anyway--I will start to cry and blubber all over the place if I start writing about it. So I will move on.

My internet connection was Pooh-Pooh last night and I couldn't get on AT ALL. I personally think that my internet provider should knock a days worth off my bill since I couldn't get online. Would only make sense, right?

I have been trying to post more on Etsy. My mom has sold THREE pots in less than a week! Sheesh!!! I haven't sold any... haha. Oh well. I will try to post more in the upcoming days. I have about 20 more things to put on it.

My Jetta is FINALLY out of the shop (4 months later). For those of you who may remember... I hit a deer back on June 6. I haven't been driving it though because the weather has been GORGEOUS and I can't bring myself to park the bug JUST yet. Maybe after this weekend.

I left work early today... WOO HOO and I am getting ready to bake some cookies and biscuits. My mom and I organized a fundraiser lunch thing (chicken and biscuits, veggie, coleslaw and cookies) to help get some money for a family we know who is struggling financially. Yes, I know... there are MANY of us who are struggling. But, this is just something we wanted to do to help out. They don't know that we are doing it for them and we are going to send the money in to the utility company to pay straight on their bill as an anonymous gift. I am taking tomorrow off and we have a few people who are going to help us deliver. We took orders from some local businesses and have to make about 80 lunches. We are going to spend the morning preparing and putting everything together and then hurrying to disperse the food before it gets cold! I am looking forward to it, and although the amount we will make won't hardly put a dent in what these people need... it is worth the effort. Times are tough.

Well, I guess with that being said, I'd better get on the ball... I hope everyone is enjoying the changing leaves as much as I am!!

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