Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Massachusetts!!! Day 1

Forgive me if this post is less than stellar. I am recovering from a refrigerator door to the nose incident! I know, you're probably wondering what in the world happened... it was very simple. Boo follows me everywhere. OR... she anticipates where I am going to go and tries to get there first. I came home with a bag of groceries (only to realize that I didn't get much other than ingredients to make some soup--oops)... and was headed for the kitchen. Boo got there first and eventually ended up backing into my bathroom - which is right near where the fridge door swings. *sigh* I was leaning over to put something in... and she got stuck behind the door and couldn't see me.... and so she nudged the door forward at the same time I was leaning over.. and BAM!!!! I have a black and blue nose... and a pounding headache! So bear with me.

I'm going to break this up into different posts for lack of time at the moment:

Cory and I took a semi-spontaneous trip to Massachusetts. We wanted to see the ocean (well, I did anyway)... and go to Boston. The first day we drove out to Cape Cod and checked out some shops and ate at a Papa Gino's. Never again will we go to a Papa Gino's! Haha... it wasn't what we were expecting AT ALL! Not that it was horrible... just... not what we expected... and not very great service. Anyway... We went to this store called Tree's Place. Cool store and art gallery. I could totally see my aunt and mom in there for a long time checking things out. When we first walked in... there was a gallery of paintings that you could browse. Kind of classy... We were definitely out of place in our jeans and my wind blown hair. Cory's Buffalo Bills Hat. Haha! I tried to breeze right up to the store... but Cory lagged behind... where he discovered a painting. A rather large painting, not to my tastes, but well done nonetheless... two adolescent girls on a path with some nature around. Flowers, grass and such. Price Tag: $32,000. Yes, you read it right. I almost choked on my own spit and hesitated going to the store part. We had been eyed though and couldn't just turn around and head out! The store part ended up being pretty cool... I got a neat-o glass. (I'm such a tourist) I wanted to get this one thing for my aunt... but I couldn't justify the price. So I didn't. Oh well. We headed to the beach... where... oddly... everyone sat in their vehicles. I mean... everyone. I wasn't sure if we were allowed to get out! We hesitated a little... and then an old guy got out and started throwing food to the sea gulls. We figured.. ehh.. might as well try! We were probably the afternoon entertainment for the people in their cars... who were just... sitting... there(???). We didn't do anything crazy... but we walked way out and tried to find sea shells and scan the ocean and such. Cory happened to get this pic of me... just as a sea gull was flying by. After we strolled around the beach and kind of got frozen and my hair was in knots from the wind... we kept driving around and went to this store called "The Christmas Tree Shop". I thought FOR SURE it was going to be a neat-o place with all kinds of Christmas tress and ornaments, etc. We have a place like that around here that I LOVE to go to. We noticed it was REALLY busy. Kind of seemed weird... but we went in. LOL! It was a craft, grocery, toy, anything you can think of store... minus a pharmacy. I was a little disappointed... but we looked around and they DID have really good prices. We found another beach and did some more strolling and sea shell finding... where, once again, people were sitting.in.their.cars. So strange. Cory decided to take a different road on our way back and we found more cool shops. :) (I'm all about the shops). I didn't take any pics of the shops... but I did take pics when we were driving near the city (Boston). I am such a hick... I took pics of this stuff because I never see it where I live. It's OK if you laugh at me... I don't mind!

Well, I'm off to see my sis and her kids and have dinner with them and my mom! More next time!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip!!
    Here in Nova Scotia we are surrounded by the ocean, and I promise, we do NOT just sit in our cars! LOL People can be found on the beach all year round...

    I like your photos...I tend to do that when I travel as well.


  2. So glad you guys had fun! I totally want to hear all about it in person though! :) I love the pics! The one of you can Cory is so cute and the one with you and the seagull is awesome! :)

  3. By the way....how did you get your comment box on here like this? it's cool! :)


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