Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Round and Round...

I feel like we have been on the go for the last couple of weeks... and I'm exhausted!  

We had to make 5 separate trips to a town/city about an hour and 15 mins (one way) for Allergist and Eye Appointments (plus another hour trip to my hometown for an appointment for me!).  It's no joke to have to cart 3 kids under the age of 4.5 on multiple car rides.  I think we're done for awhile.  At least I hope anyway!

The diagnosis is... 
Egg allergy for little miss Audra.  :(  

Though I am not overly pleased at that, at least we are already familiar 
with it as we have dealt with Eloise's food allergies for the 
past several years.  And on the bright side, 
little miss Dinah does not seem to have any 
allergies to egg or peanut at this point!  PHEW!

Eloise got her glasses!
She has done very well leaving them on.
I have to admit, I'm still getting used to her eyes being 
a bit magnified... but I am thankful she can see.
And if you looked through her glasses...
you would wonder how she ever could see
without them!  They are definitely STRONG!

The Eye Doctor even gave her a Hello Kitty Case, 
which she is extremely proud of!
Poor girl was tuckered out!

And of course, 
Little Sister wants to be like Big Sister. :)

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