Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Buck Fifty

Back, oooohh, 9 years ago, Cory and I made a trip to NYC to pick up an old crane game to put in my dad's shop.  THAT was an interesting trip.  We are not city people.  At. All.  Thankfully we made it back in one piece and we had a crane game to boot!  I admit, I am somewhat of a crane game addict.  The thrill of the "catch".  Now, I'm no dummy.  I know that there are different settings to make it easier or harder to win and it just depends on the machine you use.  BUT, there are little tricks that you can use for any machine that increase your chances!  

Unfortunately, my parents machine ended up breaking after only several years of use.  They tried to have a couple of people repair it, but I think it's beyond repair.  Something electrical.

Anyway!  When Eloise was around 8 months old, I believe, we took her picture in the machine.  Then along came Dinah and when she was around 9 months, we took her picture.  Now that Audra is coming right up to 8 months (and my parents are going to get rid of the machine), we decided to get her picture.  And how could we resist all 3?!  :)  Kind of a fun memory to have!

Anybody got a buck fifty to try to win these little sweeties from the crane game?  ;)


  1. All three of your baldy babies! cute! :D I love the one of them together too!

  2. Soooo stink'in cute!!

    Happy Sunday!



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