Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Little of Our Spring

We have been blessed with some lovely weather the past several days. 
 A few light sprinkles of rain, but nothing that
 doesn't dry up fairly quickly.  It has been wonderful to 
take the girls outside to play, a blanket and some toys 
for me and Audra.  Some friends of ours recently gifted us
some outside toys which the girls are just absolutely loving.  
I can't say I'm a huge fan of having giant plastic toys 
in my yard... but hey, it brings my girls joy, which brings me joy!

Not sure what you're supposed to do with a doll 
house outside (I don't like the idea of bringing dolls outside!)...
so Eloise decided it could be bunk beds!  
I thought that was pretty clever, 
and thankfully it holds up when they climb in!  
Just have to make sure it's clear of spiders first! ;)

This little kitchen has been getting a lot of use... 
we've had "mac-n-cheese", "blueberry pie", "pizza", "salad", 
and a plethora of other "delicious meals".

We were able to have a little picnic outside over the weekend.  
Cory was inside with Audra, so the girls and I sat outside 
and talked about what to get him for his birthday.
(Not an easy task, I might add!) 

Several years ago, I had bought some plants to try getting 
a little flower garden started in front of our (hideous) front porch. 
My choice of flowers didn't pan out too well... 
so this weekend Cory dug most of it out 
(except the Rose of Sharon and some iris) and did a little "cleaning up". 
I think it looks pretty nice and simple, considering the 
porch/block in the background.  My mom brought a few 
more hanging baskets, but I took this picture before we got them placed!

And look! 


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