Saturday, May 2, 2015

5 Months!

We've been MIA as we were all sick for awhile.... but we are finally back to normal!  Well, guess that depends on your definition of what "normal" is - ha!  But I didn't want to go too long with posting about this little sweetie! 

Audra turned 5 months old!

She loves to sit up (still with a little help) and play with her toys.
She absolutely loves Eloise and all of her crazy antics! 
No one can get her to giggle like El!
She recently started taking a pacifier.  We mostly only give it to her when we are going out of the house.  It's a comfort thing and sure helps when I need her to fall asleep at church without a fuss!
At her last appointment (we had her in when she was sick), she weighed 14 lbs, 15 oz. - so I'm sure she weighs more than that now!
Still a mama's girl... :)

You may start noticing that I am going to tag my photos with my blog name.  I know I've posted a TON of photos in the previous years that aren't marked... but I wanted to start marking them.  I honestly wish I would have marked them from day one.  Not that anyone else will take them, but you just never know.  I did actually have a company contact me last year about using a picture of my nephew that they saw on my blog.  They ended up NOT using it... but I appreciated that they asked!
Anyway... so that's that!

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