Tuesday, May 26, 2015

6 Months!

Our sweet little Audra turns 6 Months old today!

She is very much a mama's girl... 
almost to the point of testing my sanity some days.  
But I do admit, it makes me feel good to be so loved!

She sits up on her own and loves to play with her 
toys while watching her sisters.

She gets up about once a night to eat, but thankfully goes 
back to sleep without issue (should I knock on wood?). ;)

She has recently discovered her feet and
 enjoys chewing on her big toe.  

She also has discovered her tongue and likes to 
stick it out at us!

We have her 6 month check up next week,
so we'll see what she weighs and measures for height!
She definitely is no light weight! :)

Having 3 kids has been a challenge for this mama...
but I wouldn't change the past 6 months for anything.
I sure do love them so!

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