Sunday, June 15, 2014

Oh, El.

Cory thinks El is going to be a lawyer one day.  She's very argumentative and always trying to negotiate.  (Perhaps I need to nip that in the bud sooner rather than later!)  

Today she was in time-out (surprise, surprise!) and she wanted to apologize to me.  Cory told her she could come down, apologize and then sit on the couch to finish her time-out.  I heard her say, "That's not the deal."  (but missed the rest of their exchange on the matter).  I'm curious to know what she thought "the deal" was....? 

 Then when getting some books for bed, she told me she wasn't happy with only having 3.  She needed 5.  I told her she could have 4.  And she continued to explain to me that she needed many more and she was happy with 1, 2, 3.... (she counted) all the way to 14.  I told her she could have 4... and if she kept arguing with me it'd be back to 3.  She gave in - only because she had to.  

I guess if she does end up being a lawyer... maybe I can look forward to a nice retirement home in her back yard someday.  ;)

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  1. he, he. I love that she is a firecracker- who'll grow up to be a strong, courageous woman... and provide you with your dreamhouse ;)

    So glad to hear she is feeling better!!!!


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