Thursday, June 5, 2014

14 Weeks

At this point I'm about 14 1/2 weeks... 
but the picture below was taken at 14 weeks (this past Sunday).

I have to say... I am much bigger than I anticipated I would be at this point.  I've gained a little more in my first trimester than I did with either of my girls... but the doctor isn't concerned.  I just had an appointment today and all seems well with a heart rate of 144. 

Dinah turned 17 months this week!

She adds new words to her vocabulary pretty much every day - which is fun.
Though she's going through a very clingy stage - which is not so fun for me!

And this weekend we will celebrate Cory's birthday!  I am waiting for a present to be delivered... I hope it makes it in time!  If not, we have a few little things to wrap up anyway.

I am thankful for nice weather.  A few rain showers here and there... but we haven't had any scorchers yet and I'm happy about that!!   I know the girls are loving playing outside in the evenings.  We are blessed with wonderful neighbors who don't care if we take over their lawn and driveway!  For some reason the girls automatically gravitate there!

We have been working on plans with a contractor to add onto our little house (a downstairs bathroom - hallelujah!! - and a bedroom) to make room for Baby... and are excited to be able to view the plans on a computer with a virtual tour that we can "walk through".  Not sure when they'll have it ready... but I am ready ANY TIME!  :)

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  1. Hi Devon, the girls are growing up so fast and cute as buttons. Thinking of you all! Take good care!!


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