Friday, June 13, 2014


It is eerily yellow outside... I am wondering if I should check the weather for tornado warnings!  It's not too common in these parts, but you never know!  We have had quite a few storms over the last couple of weeks.  

Despite the weird sky outside....  I am happy to tell you that Eloise was discharged from the hospital just after lunch time today!  They actually teetered on whether to keep her, however since we are experienced with the nebulizer (for her breathing treatments), they figured she would be OK to come home and rest on the couch.  Here she is when we found out she could come home....

She was definitely more upbeat when I arrived at the hospital this morning... 
and boy, was she glad to see me!!

Once we got home, she was not a happy camper having to be confined to resting on the couch.  But, those are the doctor's orders for now... until she improves.  She's had good and bad moments throughout the afternoon and evening... but I can definitely tell she is improving.

And she finally took those muck boots off last night around midnight!

Here she is home, bathed (no more stinky feet!) 
and relaxing on the couch.
(Woo Hoo for those old Smurf sheets!)

A huge difference from even 12 hours earlier!

Little Miss Dinah seemed to have a good time with my sister and niece.  
I have a suspicion that they'll probably share some silly pics over at my sister's blog!

Thank you again for the prayers and kind thoughts!

OH!  And on a side note... I JUST realized I had a TON of comments from weeks/months ago through yesterday that I had never "approved".  I assumed if I got a comment that it would show up in my email as a notification.  Apparently it doesn't!  So I apologize to those of you who wondered why your comments didn't show up!  That was a total "OOPS" on my part!!  Thank you for all of the comments on my previous posts!  I truly appreciate you taking the time out to write your thoughts!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. So glad to hear she is doing much better. What a brave girl she is!


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