Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Kitten: FAIL

Well, we brought our kitty home on Friday... 

It's been a nightmare ever since.

There have been glimmers of hope...

Look how excited El was!

But mostly, it's just been miserable!

Let's just say that this kitty either hasn't been properly litter box trained... or has some kind of intestinal bug.  Neither of which the previous owner was 100% straight with me about.  My poor husband has been cleaning up cat poop (luckily only in the bathroom!) and bathing the cat more times than you want to know!  (Ok, it's literally been like 10x in less than 2 days!)  We've given her the same food and litter as the previous owner... and we've tried to make her comfortable.  The dog and Eloise are bother great with her.  It's just so frustrating having to watch her almost at all times to make sure we don't have to rush her to the litter box!!  And she CAN go up and down the steps on her own.  And she DOES use the litter box sometimes.

SO... we are trying to find a new home for kitty.  And if we can't, she will unfortunately end up at the shelter.  We called around to 4 no-kill shelters but they are all full and won't accept any new animals.  I tried to get a hold of the girl I got her from to see if she'd take her back, no reply (conveniently).  And I've posted an ad on a local classified site.  

If I wasn't pregnant and could actually help with clean up, it might be a different story.  But my doctor specifically doesn't want me to clean the cat litter box at all, even with gloves.  So, when Cory goes to work, if kitty makes a mess... I am up a creek!

Over all she is a sweetie... and it's truly not her fault for perhaps not feeling well or getting her nerves worked up from being in a new place.... but having a cat with these issues is not worth running the risk of having issues with my pregnancy.

I hope we can find a home for her soon!!

I was hoping to fill the void that Weezer left, but perhaps the timing is off.

**Update: We took the cat back to it's previous owner... and I'm waiting on the call from the doctor to see if I can get a blood test to make sure I am not infected with Toxoplasmosis.  I'm a little paranoid!**

Friday, September 14, 2012

Time Keeps on Slippin'...

... into the Future.

(So I'm a Steve Miller fan, sue me!)

I didn't post yesterday about it... 
but it was 1 month since my Weezy cat has been gone.
I honestly did pretty OK throughout the day.
Mostly because I tried not to think about it.
But it still hurts.

Feels like more than a month.
Feels just like yesterday.

But next week we go to pick up our new girl...
and I am praying that it's the right decision.
It won't be the same, so that might be struggle for me, 
but I think it will be good.

Another milestone I'd like to record...

I am 6 months pregnant.

Feels like more than 6 months.
Feels like hardly a day.

I am just so thankful that I haven't had any 
complications thus far and that all seems to be going well.

I don't like how fast time seems to be going!
But I am thankful for the time I've had with my loved ones!

I am blessed!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project... Nap Time.

I've been really tired lately.  
My normal "nap when Eloise naps" routine has taken a back seat to some projects... 
and it's starting to catch up with me!

But it's good to feel accomplished!

My aunt had asked me to sew her a shower curtain... MONTHS ago.
I'd never done this before, but figured "it's just a big square."

How hard could it be, right?

Well, let's just say that I have been putting it off for a long time... 
and finally I asked my mom to come help me figure out all of the math and
measuring it would take.  It was not *just* a square.  It was a whole
lot of time and patience!  There were stripes to match up and many other 
things to take into consideration.  Not to mention that it was heavy fabric and hard
to get through the sewing machine since it gravitated heavily toward the ground!

BUT, we got it done while Eloise napped (almost 3 hours!)...and
I am happy to be done with it!

And... I didn't take a picture to post because once that thing was done... 
I folded it up and stuffed it in the bag.
I wash my hands of it completely!!!!

Never again will I sew a shower curtain like that!
Not even if I was paid to do it!

(Checking out a lady bug)

That same night, we took Eloise outside to play and we ended up chit chatting
with our neighbors.  Wouldn't you know, my neigbor was hoping I could help her with a sewing
project for her living room curtains!  I am not a creative sewer.  I like a pattern and I usually
stick with it.  She is not a sewer at all... and she was hoping I could help her 
rig up some way to make a valance... it's just even too confusing to type out.

I kind of just took a pass on it... but then the next morning, while talking to my mom 
about it, she had some ideas.  Wouldn't you know, my neighbors were gone for the day to
visit their granddaughter... and I just happen to be able to get into their house!

So my mom brought over some white lights and berry garland and we set to work on a surprise!
Well, mostly my mom did it... but I helped with a few things!

It turned out really nice.
Of course, I didn't get a picture of that either.  
But take my word for it.. it was pretty!

And when my neighbors got home a little after 8PM and walked into their house,
they were pleasantly surprised!  The wife called me right up, almost in tears because she
was just so tickled about it!  And even today when we saw her, she just couldn't
stop thanking me!

It was really nice to be able to do that for them... 
and I totally credit my mom!!

On top of all of that... and also taking Eloise to Toddler Time at the Library
and out to visit my in-laws today... I have been spending "nap time"
sewing more baby shoes!  I am gearing up for the Fall Festival
at the end of the month.  I gave myself a goal of sewing at least one
pair a day, two if I can.

I won't have too many pairs to offer... but at least people will see what I can do
and perhaps I can drum up some custom orders.

I hope you'll check out my latest shoe creations over at my

And I couldn't resist posting this picture of Eloise.
She was modeling her "necklace" that she made with her giant wooden beads.
She is such a hoot!


Friday, September 7, 2012

23 Weeks!

 I don't ask my husband to take belly shots for me.  And if I did, he'd probably refuse, saying that I was too picky about his camera skills and getting the "right angle".  I'm not really sure you can get a good angle anyway... but I choose to use the timer function on my camera, which is why I always have to take a picture in front of our door.  It's the only place that I can set the camera without it falling or getting a ton of "house" (ie: toys, pets, etc.) in the background.  And I've never been one for the "bathroom mirror" pics - though I did do that in my last pregnancy before I realized that I could pose by the door.  HAHA!

Anyway, not that you're overly excited about my ever growing stomach... but here come the pictures anyway.  I had to share both because Eloise randomly ended up in the pics... and I just thought it was too funny!  In the bottom picture she had run to throw her dirty clothes in her hamper (to the left).


 I had an appointment yesterday and all seems to be well.  Heartbeat was 136.  My weight was OK.  My size was OK.  And other than that, no news is good news!

I have decided to try to get back into the swing of sewing during El's nap time.  I was so exhausted over the summer that I just put it on the back burner.  My aunt asked me (months ago) to sew her a shower curtain.  I have all of the supplies, but have had NO motivation.  SO, I am hoping in the next week or so to crank that out.  But before I get into that huge amount of fabric - I decided to work with something a little smaller.

I think they turned out pretty cute!

And yesterday, of course, I was going to eat a piece of bread at lunch time and realized that the loaf was moldy.  Did I mention that I had eaten some toast from the same loaf that morning?  ICK!
But, what can ya do?

Oh, that's right, bake your own!

 This recipe is so easy... 
and we needed bread for dinner... 
so despite the 90* temp outside, I made a loaf.

Mmm Mmm GOOD!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

We went to town to visit my parents and sister's family yesterday!  
Eloise got a chance to visit Grammie's horses and chickens!

 She got to sit on Jasper, the pony!

 Kisses for Cowboy!


 Feeding the "Chi-chi's"

Sitting on the bumper of Mommy's old car!

Grammie is holding out hope that El will be her "horse girl"...
guess we'll see as the years unfold!

I had an appointment today and all is well with Mommy and baby #2.
Thank the Good Lord! :)