Tuesday, August 23, 2011

You're 7 Months, Baby Girl!

Today marks 7 months for Miss Eloise!

She loves her Minnie Mouse...
and I'm pretty sure by the time El has all of her teeth,
Minnie may not have a nose or tail left!!

She has been doing well eating her cereal, fruits and veggies.
For awhile it was "dinner & a show" every meal time!
She would NOT eat unless we made her smile
and stuck the spoon in her mouth really fast before she closed it.
Let me tell you - we've acted like more than clowns to get this girl to eat!
But... we seem to have gotten past that little hiccup!

She only naps for about half an hour at a time...
but sometimes I get lucky and she will sleep for an hour or so.
Usually she doesn't sleep for more than 2 hours during
the day - which I hear is odd for a baby!
I dunno!

She sleeps great at night though!

She likes going for walks... it was a little chilly today,
so she was sporting her cute hat from her Aunt Katy!
She's still a bit of a baldy! Her hair is coming in thicker,
but doesn't seem to be getting much longer!

Eloise has 6 teeth. 4 on top, 2 on bottom.

She is starting to creep around on her belly a bit...
but finds that it's much more efficient to roll wherever she wants to go!

She loves the dog and cat... and especially LOVES chasing them
when she is in the walker!

Her little laugh is sweet... and often times she'll just giggle
while she is sitting on the floor playing with her toys!

She is just a bundle full of joy... and we love her to pieces!

Happy 7 Months, Eloise!
(You're growing too fast!)


  1. Love, love, love that girl!! I can't believe she is 7 months. I was just looking at the photo on my fridge of her, from when she was three months! It seems like just last week! :)

    She honestly looks nothing like me...but still, everytime I see a picture of her crying (like the one in this post), I still see me when I was a baby! So strange!!
    Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow!! xoxo

  2. she is the sweetest lil angel! I am happy that your family is enjoying the precious new life!


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