Monday, August 15, 2011


Here's my cute little jellybean!

I don't have a whole lot to write about these days....
I am engulfed with spending time with Eloise (and Cory when he isn't at work).

I started my part time job as church secretary at the beginning of the month and that takes up a couple of hours from my week. I seriously can plow through the work in no time. I won't be making much more than $50 a month! But I am enjoying it and it gets me and the baby out of the house for a little bit.

Other than normal household things... cooking and cleaning... my life is consumed by play time, diapers and nursing! I'm OK with that--although it is nice to have a change now and then.

Speaking of....

Yesterday morning we went to my parents church and spent the afternoon at their house. It was nice to visit and I helped my mom get a few things ready for a picnic.

Early evening, we went to a small picnic and celebrated my nephew's 8th birthday. It was a lot of food, laughter and fun!

We had gotten my nephew a few items... but my special gift to him was a scrapbook that I made of his first "road trip" back in 2009. I had the pictures tucked away and came across them earlier this summer. I had always planned on making one... so I rallied myself during Eloise's nap times to get it done. Let me tell you, it isn't easy to do when you've got a kid who only sleeps for 30 mins at a time! But I got 'er done and I really think Xavier liked it. I hope he will keep it safe and treasure it for years to come!

I also have to mention that my mom found this crazy jelly bean game and brought it for my brother-in-law, his brother and their cousin to play. The whole gist of it... is there are different flavors of jelly beans... You spin the wheel... whatever color you land on... you have to pick out that color of jellybean and eat it... but you don't know if you'll eat the good flavor or the bad!!
(for example: the BLACK jellybean could be Licorice... or SKUNK SPRAY!)

So... here is Dan... do you think he'll get PEACH or BARF flavor??

If you want to have a great time laughing... check out BEAN BOOZLED!
It seriously is a HOOT!


  1. ahahahaha....I just started laughing again just watching the video!!! ;)

  2. It is wonderful you can have Eloise with you for the part time job. Blessings!

  3. Had to stop by and watch the video again!! Too funny! :)

    I added some of the pottery to the etsy shop! :) I have a few more to put on too!


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