Friday, June 3, 2011

The Jeans

These jeans... are 30 years old.

I kid you not.

They were my mom's back in the day--
and since my sister is going to be 30 this year--
these jeans are probably even a few years older than that!

My mom is artistic.

She did all of this stitching...
(her nickname is NR--if you were
wondering what that was about on the first pic).

She can draw, paint, sculpt, make pottery,
stained glass, sew, stitch... pretty much anything
you put in front of her... she is a master at.

Unfortunately, I didn't inherit too many
of the "artistic genes"...

However, I did inherit her
30 year old JEANS!

I've had them since I was about 15.
They've always been my "skinny" jeans.
Any time I fit into these jeans...
I feel like a million bucks.

They may look like they should go into
the garbage... but I keep these jeans
around to remind me of my goal.

I need these jeans now more than ever!

I watched the video of us from Eloise's Dedication
at church this past Sunday...
and I need to get back into these jeans...

I can fit into them... but definitely can't
button them.. AT ALL.

They are a size 30.

I WILL fit into these jeans.
I am determined.

On that note--
does anyone own the
Zumba DVD's or Wii game?
I love to dance but can't afford paying $5
per class to join the Zumba workshop.

Would it be worth it to buy the DVD's?

One of these days I'll be posting a picture of me
IN the "skinny" jeans... so stay tuned!


  1. Mom is very talented....but so are you, Devon! dont discredit yourself!!!

    You will get into the jeans. You are doing a wonderful job! :)

  2. A co-worker once told me her closet was shrinking her jeans. LOL? I gave up on wearing my old jeans from high school long ago but I have been walking for seven weeks. I have not really lost pounds but can get back into jeans from three years ago. I am not at my goal but on my way. We will get there! I am sure you have just as many creative genes as your Mom. Give yoyself credit. Through visiting your blog you have shared your journey as a young wife & a new Mother. Being a Mother is the most creative gift. You have shared wonderful recipes. My fav is the chilie. Blessings!

  3. Ha Ha.... I love those jeans. Maybe they need to be "first one who fits into them, gets them"! I would LOVE to fit into those jeans again. Oh well, in my dreams.

    And by the way, not only did you inherit the jeans, you and your sister BOTH inherited creative genes!! You are very talented so don't sell yourself short!!

  4. Mom is right grammie is a great artist.I don't just mean good I mean great. madelyn


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