Monday, June 13, 2011

ABSENT: Common Courtesy

I was at the store today... Walmart, if you must know. The choices are limited in my little town... so it's either Walmart, Tractor Supply, JC Penney or Big Lots! (Or the tiny little supermarket whose prices don't compare to a big box store) Normally Cory goes for groceries without me (don't ask)... but every once and awhile I'll have to buzz to the store to pick up some odds and ends that come up during the week. So... today was a quick Walmart trip for me. Eloise was in her car seat... happily riding around in the cart... while mommy continually made car sounds as we drove through the aisles. (Yes, I make noises and faces at her--and probably look like a total goob... because the last thing I want is to be the mom with the screaming baby! HAHA!)

Well.. toward the end of the trip... I was finishing up in the fruit section... picking out a few peaches before heading to the check out lanes. There I am with 2 peaches in one hand and a third in the other (the bag thing was conveniently on the other side of the bin I was standing at--and I hadn't thought to grab a bag first).... and some lady comes driving over in a little scooter and parks it right next to my cart. Did I mention that I stupidly had pulled my cart right up against a pole while looking at the fruit? Did I also mention that this lady had her daughter (who was WAY too young for the amount of eye liner she was wearing) right behind her with a full cart?

I was boxed in.

I couldn't back up without being totally rude... but I couldn't go forward because of the pole... I couldn't go to the right without climbing over the fruit bins... and I couldn't go left without barging into the lady, scooter, her daughter and their cart!

And then...

The lady started talking to Eloise and I smiled....... but out came the lady's hand... right in El's face.

(This was probably mommy's expression at the time)

Touching her cheek... Eloise grabbed her finger, wanting to put it in her mouth!!!

This wasn't some sweet old lady... or else I may've had a different reaction.

This was some lady--a stranger who wanted to poke and prod at my baby. I understand... Eloise is a cutie pie (duh!!)... but you don't EVER touch another person's baby... unless they are personal friends with you... or family... or you know... NOT STRANGE!

I pretty much held my breath. I just kept thinking... WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

And then...

The daughter reached out and started touching her too!!

It was all I could do not to want to shove my cart through them and get outta there!! It's just common courtesy not to touch someone else's baby, don't you think?

Maybe I'm just paranoid... (yes, I whipped out the hand sanitizer after they finally left!)

But now I know to be careful how I park my cart--so as not to put myself in a situation to get boxed in... and definitely keep the hand sanitizer wipes handy..... uuugh!

(Sorry--had to vent! But isn't Eloise cute in her little Sunday dress - top pic) :)


  1. Love the picture of her at the top! :)

    That is strange and would be terribly uncomfortable. You should have said something, kindly. I know it is hard though. eek!

  2. Oh I know what you mean about WalMart being all there is. And it brings EVERYONE out, the crazy baby touchers included :)

  3. I agree with you. Even the sanitizer. I freacked out when Sam was a baby & a lady started touching him & wanted to kiss him. I nicely told her no but she was very upset with me & left me know. To bad. My baby. No one was going to touch let alone kiss him. I know babes are so cute but look & don't touch. Blessings!

  4. NO ONE you don't know should touch your baby! EVER! With all the flu virus's going around and sickness in general I think it's beyond rude and tip toeing into mean! I'm a freak when I have an infant or (*itch) as my husband puts it, but I've flat out told people off at the store who tried to touch Sophie when she was that little! YUCK@

  5. oh dear! well, I am glad you both finally made it out of there safe and sound! Eloise is such a doll!


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