Friday, March 4, 2011

Pouty Pooch

Before Eloise was brought into the world... our dog, Boo, was our baby.

She has a basket of toys in the living room that we'd romp around with (mostly Cory, as I don't particularly care to be on the floor), we'd go outside to play ball or take walks. She had the life any dog would want (Ok, except she isn't allowed on the furniture). She was the center of attention and she knew it....

But now...

Not so much.

This is how I found her yesterday afternoon.

She is pretty good with the baby... but she has noticeably become more depressed. Despite our efforts to include her and play with her and let her know she is loved... she just isn't quite the same. She knows that life has changed and she's pretty pouty about it.

I feel bad... but most of our attention has to go to Eloise now.

I am hoping that once the weather warms up,
we can get back outside with her to play and walk.

I miss the happy Boo we once had. :(


  1. She'll be happy again. In no time, Eloise will become Boo's best friend and they'll be inseparable.

  2. Aw :( Poor Boo! They do eventually come around. For us, we'd had our Sissy for so long and she was pretty old by the time the kids came, all she cared about was being left alone. When she figured out the kids would willingly hand her food, she LOVED them.

  3. Awww! Boo needs some lovin, and this cold state of PA needs to warm up pronto so you can take her outside and give her some! She'll be one happy doggie again very soon and before you know it Eloise will be trying to ride her all around the house :)

  4. OH! My poor Boo-boo! She needs some attention from her favorite aunt. That picture is just too sweet (and pitiful!)

  5. OH! That face is killing me!! I know how you feel. Our cat Avery was a wreck with we brought Sophie home. It's 3 years later and she still isn't the same. She didn't get depressed really, just more annoying begging for our attention. It is so sad because you just can't help them! That sweet little face is just about the cutest thing ever!

  6. Our dog's name is boo too! He'll come around once he gets used to this new, high pitched little person and they will be best friends before you know it! Our 18 month old now refers to boo (who hid for weeks when we brought him home) as "my dog." They will love each other.

  7. Oh poor pup. She will be ok though! She's probably just getting adjusted. And warmer weather will definitely help I'm sure. She is such a pretty dog!

  8. Boo sure is very pretty. When the weather warms you can put Eloise in a stroller & take Boo along for a spring walk. Take care & Blessings!


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