Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Lovely Surprise!

I love mail.

I absolutely love opening the mailbox to find a card or letter... or even better... a package!!

Yesterday was one of those special days where my mailbox was graced with a surprise package... and boy, was I excited!!

The lovely Lara from over at Sam Harvey was assigned to me for a blog swap last year. We were to send each other stationery type items in that particular swap. Little did I know that I was in for a much greater swap than I ever imagined!! Go HERE to see what I got!

Well, yesterday... out of the blue... I got another package from Lara. Not only is she beautiful and talented... she is very generous! Look what she sent me!!! (For no other reason than she is AWESOME!)

I am totally thrilled! She has her own handbag company (Sam Harvey)... and they are total quality and style! I just could not believe that she graced me with another wonderful bag! Amazing!

(Yes, I am not really "styling" with my plaid shirt... but oh well!
The bag looks good, at least!! And... I apologize that the
picture was taken in the bathroom... I gotta go where the mirror is!)

THANK YOU (once again!) LARA!!!
You are so kind!

**Please check out Lara's bags... they are total amazingness!**


  1. Oh my, isn't Lara just lovely!? I adore her generosity and her bags are really my most favorite handmade bags! Such stunning quality!!! :) I think yours is beautiful!!! :)

  2. SO jealous!! Thrilled for you though! Too cool! It's just adorable!

  3. This really makes me smile. You are lovely! Thank you for your kindness!

  4. Such a nice beautiful gift & so kind of her. I am happy for you. Mail is becoming a thing of the past it seems. The only mail I get are bills or magazines anymore. Sad to think there is no time in all the hours of a day to send a short thoughtful note. I did send a card & little gift to a sweet dear woman this week. She sings at church when she can come. She is 84. Blessings!

  5. Thanks so much for your prayers. May God bless you greatly for your kindness. To answer your question about the house in my header. No it is not my home. I wish it were. I love it. I saw it while on a drive one day. It is my dream home that I dream to own. A homestead like it some day. Not that I am not thankful for the home I live in now but it is not mine. I dream a lot these days. Blessings!


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