Monday, January 25, 2010

What am I Dippity Doin'?

I am a mess in the kitchen. Not only do I not get measurements right... I constantly am slicing my fingers. My husband had a full weekend of these escapades... and luckily, he was willing to bail me out... and bandage up my injured pinky!! I must say though, I am quite embarrassed. If any of you have ever heard of National Hip Hop Recording Artist JOHN REUBEN... well... let me just tell you a quick little story:

This Saturday, we hosted a concert at the teen center in my hometown. Even though I live almost an hour away, Cory and I still try to help out when we can... which is usually when there are concerts. This particular concert included, above mentioned, John Reuben. Funny guy. Well, earlier in the day I was cooking some Chicken A La King to take to the center for dinner (we feed the bands). I get it all made (Cory was so lovingly doing the dishes as I went, to keep the stack of dirty dishes down)... and I grab a couple of spoons so we could try the finished product.

MMmmm Mmmm mmmm... tastes like.... BUTTER?

Crap. Cory grabbed the recipe card and glanced at the ingredients. The recipe makes 6 servings. I was trying to make 24 servings... so I had quadrupled EVERYTHING. Everything but the butter. I accidentally OCTUPLED the butter! (Yes, that is a word, I looked it up!). OH BROTHER. So the panic began as we tried to right our wrong and add the correct ingredients to even things out. (I was never good in math). Luckily, we were able to get it figured out... and the food was a HUGE hit.

(*wiping my brow and breathing a sigh of relief*)

To add to the chaos though, before the place opened, Mr. John Reuben had asked if we could make him some coffee. Cory and I are not coffee drinkers. We always cringe when someone asks for some because we KNOW that we aren't skilled in this department (aaand... I have poor kitchen skills anyway... not a good combination). So we turn on the old BUNN coffee maker and start reading the directions on the coffee container. There was a 2 Tblspn measure in it. WHAT!? Who does that!? The directions are talking in ONE TABLESPOON and half cup increments! This 2 Tblspn thing was just confusing! (I admit, I looked up a conversion online... I didn't trust my converting skills coming from my own brain). So.... we get the coffee going... yes, it took the two of us... and John came out a little later... so I set out the coffee "fixin's" on the counter and then grabbed the finished pot and set it out for him. I would've poured it... but I didn't know if he wanted a little or a lot (you know, some people like to leave room for creamer). So... he came over and got his cup.

He drinks it black, in case you cared.

I put the pot back in the coffee maker thing and set about my business. A little while later, John and a few of his band mates came back out to the lobby area... so I thought I'd be polite... "would you like a bottle of water, maybe a soda...?". John hesitantly walks up and gets this look on his face. I think it was a look of uncertainty. Should he say it... or keep his mouth shut? Finally he says... "Well, I'd really like a cup of coffee (*as I begin to reach for the pot we'd made earlier*)... the last one was good... it was just.... cold. Think I can get a hot one?".

People. I served him COLD coffee.


How idiotic can I be? How did I NOT know that it wasn't hot? The lack of steam coming from the pot didn't tip me off?? Needless to say, I could feel my face turning many shades of red... and I profusely apologized. Cory and I exchanged glances and then met in the kitchen to see what the malfunction with the pot was! Yes, it was plugged in... it had been turned on. Why in the world didn't the coffee get hot!? So, we dumped out the cold pot... and started making a fresh one.... which luckily turned out HOT and was much appreciated by John and the band guys.

But no matter... because I was totally embarrassed. Not to put these guys, especially John on a pedestal... but part of what we do when we have bands is try to be accommodating and make a good impression. The last thing I wanted to do was make a cold pot of coffee for anyone, let alone these guys!! Luckily, John joked around with us about it... so it wasn't as traumatic as it could've been.... but I still feel like a butt. Now Cory and I are wondering... what did he do with the cold cup? Dump it out... drink it? ...We may never know...

And for the record, another one of the volunteers later told us that the lovely coffee pot takes like 15 mins to warm up. (Think it's time for a new pot?)

Maybe I'll just stick to handing out bottles of water and soda. And, if you're ever at my house and want a cup of Joe... you may want to make it yourself!

The concert was a lot of fun though!

(Yes, that's foil)My sister's kids love him!
It was a long night for J though!! He zonked out!
Check out John Reuben... he is definitely a lot of fun... and has a great message!
(And don't ever ask me for a cup of coffee unless I'm ordering it from Starbucks--although that might not be a good idea either... better fend for yourself!)

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  1. That was a fun night, Devon... even if you did make cold coffee and buttered up the recipe for the Chicken A La King! You remedied the butter issue and the result was yummy. They all loved it or so I hear, and by making the cold coffee, well... you probably gave John Reuben some good joke material for upcoming shows! How kind of you! LOL!

    You should send John a copy of what his show did for Jaxson! I couldn't believe that he actually fell asleep!

    Great show! I'm so glad you guys got him in here to Brookville again.


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