Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Addiction...

Doesn't TV seem so complicated these days? Like we don't have enough drama in our own lives.... we watch these shows that go on for week after week... season after season. Don't get me wrong... I like some of these new fangled TV shows... did anyone else watch "Life Unexpected" on Monday night? I had seen the commercials and forgot it was coming on... so I missed it... but I looked it up online and watched it for free that way. It seems like a show I'll want to follow... at least so far. I also am embarrassed to admit that I am a follower of One Tree Hill aaaaand... Friday Night Lights. Back before I got married, I didn't have cable or dish... basically I got one fuzzy channel and it depended on where in the living room I placed the TV as to which channel I would get (and which way I had the rabbit ears pointed!). During the winter, when I couldn't be out and about and I was stuck inside... I decided that I was tired of reading... so I borrowed some DVD's of OTH from my cousin and that's what started it all. In the evenings, when Cory didn't come over (he was sweet enough to watch Gilmore Girls - EVERY SINGLE SEASON - with me over the months when he came to my house to hang out)... I would make some dinner and pop in a DVD. When I ran out of the DVD's... I looked the episodes up online and watched them that way (I even watched them while I pedaled my recumbent bike! LOL). I finally watched EVERY SINGLE EPISODE and now I DVR the new episodes. I also looked up Friday Night Lights and watched all of those episodes... and I DVR the new ones. I'm pathetic. However, at least when I DVR... I can fast forward through all of the commercials so it doesn't take as long!! I guess that's my way of justifying it. LOL! I kind of miss the shows from the good old days... things like A-Team, Alf, Miami Vice, MacGuyver... and my personal favorite... AIRWOLF!! I know you can still get them on DVD and watch them online (and sometimes TV Land)... but it's just not the same. Today, TV is splattered with reality shows and every kind of drama you can think of... I miss the shows of a simpler time. Maybe it just seemed simpler since I was so young. How about "Zoobilee Zoo"... and "Fraggle Rock"... "Saved by the Bell"...?I hate TV... but it's so addictive! Curse that remote control!


  1. Love all those old shows! I haven't watched One Tree Hill or the other shows you follow. I am not big on TV either, as you know, but I do like watching Wife Swap sometimes (even repeats) and I am a complete Fox News (and Glenn Beck) fan! :)

    And YEP...Airwolf will probably always be my favorite show ever. :o)

  2. OMG! I love using my DVR! Its the best invention ever! hehe and sense my hubby works long hours I always record our favorite shows and then on his days off we snuggle and watch them ... and also fwd through commercials! aahh its the best! anywho Im a follower of your blog =)


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