Friday, February 12, 2016

Pet Rocks!

Things are getting back to normal around here after the craziness of the 
past week with funeral arrangements, etc.  Though "normal" is the word I use, 
it still doesn't seem 100% normal.  I suppose that will come with time.  
I appreciate those who took time out to comment on my last post or 
message me with words of encouragement and prayer.  Thank you!  
It will not be easy for many days to come, but we have 
wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Eloise has been continuing on in her first year of school.  
I have to admit, math is just the PITS for her.  But we push through.  
It honestly wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get so frustrated about it
 (my stress level has been HIGH!).  This week we worked on a unit about Pets.  
So, one of the activities was to make a Pet Rock.  
Just what we need... a pet rock!  (Or three!)  
But considering we don't currently have room for a real pet at this time, 
I thought it'd be a nice project and distraction from all that's gone 
on the past week.  The girls were excited!  And we got a little fancy with 
some left over fabric and notions from Halloween!

Now, we just have to keep them away from Audra so she doesn't rip them apart!  ;)


  1. I'm sure it will take awhile to get back into a mental routine that feels normal. Loss is never easy and takes time to deal with. I want to encourage you with Eloise's schooling. I have found that things usually just suddenly click when my kids are struggling with a particular subject or topic. I caused myself so much unneeded mental stress when I was teaching my daughter to read. I thought she would never learn how to read. lol. Then at the very end of her third grade year it just clicked and now she reads fluently.


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