Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crisis Averted!!

Yesterday, while Audra and Dinah were taking a nice afternoon nap, Eloise and I finished up her schooling and decided to surprise everyone by making homemade graham crackers. She was at the mixer and I turned and stepped a couple of feet away to grab the last ingredient to pour in... we were chatting and apparently she'd turned to talk to me. When I looked up, her eyes got HUGE! 

 Her little curly ponytail had caught in the mixer and was winding around and around! I bolted to turn the mixer off (it's amazing how easily you forget which side the on/off switch is on when you're in a panic!). I could feel myself start shaking as I looked at her precious, wild hair wound up in the mixer. I didn't want to call and concern Cory (who would, without a doubt, panic worse than me)... so I did what any daughter does if she is able... well, first, I took a picture (of course)... then I called my mom. She got a little chuckle in and then asked if I'd tried taking the beater off. (*FACE PALM!*) Thank the Good Lord above... it worked! Very little hair was lost in the process... Eloise was very upset and didn't want to continue or get anywhere near the mixer. I hugged her, put her hair up in a bun and assured her that it wouldn't happen again (I hope!) and we decided that we'd go ahead and finish making the graham crackers. And while rolling them out we only found one hair! Haha!! (Thanks Mom!!!)

Poor Eloise is still pretty traumatized by it! She keeps apologizing! I tell her that it was just an accident. I didn't give it a thought to step away to the other part of the counter for 5 seconds since she knows better than to stick her fingers in the mixer! Never did I think in a million years that her pony tail would get caught!  Lesson learned!  And if you have daughters with long hair... take note!!!

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