Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Audra Turns ONE!

I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance 
until now to do a post about Audra's birthday!  
I can't believe my baby turned one on Thanksgiving!  

She has been such a joy!  

A feisty and quick little snap, she has quite the mind of her own.  
She knows what she wants and she does whatever she can to get it.  
Climbing on anything and everything she can manage.  
Pushing and pulling things to make her way around if she can't climb over.  

She is quite the mama's girl and likes to be held.  

Though there is a hitch to that.  
She likes to be held while walking around.  
The minute I try to sit and hold her, she will have none of it!  
We're working on that!  


Her favorite toy is her Mr. Bunny that she chews on, 
sleeps with and carries around during the day. 

She loves books, mostly to jabber at the pictures.  
If you sing a little diddy or turn on music, she immediately stops 
whatever she is doing to dance.  She is ALWAYS on the move.  
I mean, wow.  She is just one. busy. girl.!  

We love her fiercely and are so thankful for her sweet presence in our crazy lives!


  1. So I kept waiting for the part where you shared how she loves her Aunt Titi....You must have forgotten to include that! ;)

  2. she looks so cute . which all of the girl's are cute .


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