Friday, February 27, 2015

3 Months!

Here is our little sweetie, Audra, at 3 Months!

She currently loves to watch her sisters dance and play.

She lays on her play mat and "plays" with toys - which is mostly her discovering that she can reach out and touch them.  I love to watch that!

She still loves mama most (sorry everyone else!).

She has started sleeping for 7 or more hours straight at night!

 (She's no longer smaller than Mr. Monkey!)

We aren't sure her height/weight as she doesn't go for her next check up until the end of March... but let's just say she is not a slight little thing!!  I'm guessing she's around 13 or more pounds.

She loves to smile at anyone who smiles at her!

Such a blessing to our life, she is!

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  1. She is just too sweet for words! I love all the pictures!!! :)


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