Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas is Coming! Christmas is Coming!

I am done with my Christmas Shopping... 
decided to wait to wrap until I'm rid of this large belly 
(or as "rid" of it as I can be after only a few weeks postpartum!)  
So, of course I have to work on another project since Halloween is over!

Christmas Dresses for the girls!

Cory doesn't care for the fabric.  
But I think it will be cute when they're all done!  
Paired with white turtle necks and tights... I am hoping it will be
as sweet as I envision!  
I even have a little extra fabric left over that I may make a 
little pair of matching shoes for the baby! :)

I will post pics, of course!


  1. Cute fabric! What did the girls dress as for Halloween? My daughter went as a "nerd"; she looked really cute!


  2. My girls dressed as Carebears! A little late... but better late than never!


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