Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Dress Reveal!

If you read my post from the other day, you'd know I have been 
working on sewing my girls Christmas Dresses 
for the Holiday season.  
I have to admit, despite using a pattern that said VERY EASY... 
I made my share of mistakes!  
However, I am pretty happy with the outcome.  
And I even managed to make a little pair of baby shoes 
for our new little bundle to wear (assuming they fit!).

Eloise was very happy to have a red dress...
 as that is her favorite color. 
 Dinah doesn't care one way or the other!  
(The fabric has little snowmen on it.  I know it's hard to tell)

I haven't been feeling very well today...
woke up feeling icky.
So I am hoping to have a chance to relax a little later on.

Have a great weekend!
We just had our first little spray of snow, 
though luckily it didn't stick!


  1. Gosh Devon!! Everything is great! The costumes too.... just adorable. (: Looks like your having that major surge of ENERGY before baby. Can't be much longer now...
    Have a nice weekend ~


  2. They are beautiful! You did a fantastic job with them!!! :D

  3. They are wonderful dresses!! You did a great job! Hope you are feeling better too.

  4. How cute christmas dresses! Get inspired buy you! :-)

  5. The dresses are beautiful! You are so talented. You look great. I can hardly believe that the newest addition will be here soon. I know you are ready.
    Love ya!


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