Saturday, February 8, 2014

Snow, Snow GO AWAY!!

Go away snow!  Go away!  Don't come back until December!  Preferably right before Christmas... then you can go away again until the Christmas after that.  Get my drift?  Cuz we've sure got yours... LOTS of 'em!  Snow drifts and ice EVERYWHERE!  Blah!

Ok... now that I've got that outta my system... I have a few things to share!  I can't remember if I posted about this before - honestly, I'm too lazy to go back through my old posts and check at the moment... so bear with me if I'm repeating myself on some of it.

Cory's dad had a scan early in January and they discovered a spot (believed to be a tumor) on his lung.  We couldn't believe it.  He had a clear scan back in October and the size of the new "thing" after only a few months was just unbelievable!  He was able to get a biopsy pretty quickly and we just got word the other evening that they found NO cancer in the many samples they took!  PRAISE GOD!  We honestly were preparing for the worst (again)... but miraculously, they believe it may have just been some kind of infection or something.  So we are doing the happy dance over here!  
(Except where snow is concerned.)

On another medical note... we were visiting at my sister's house on Friday and unfortunately, little tootsies took a tumble.  Translation: Dinah took a fall and ended up bashing in one of her front teeth.  Actually, more like shoving it back up into the gums.  Poor girl was NOT happy, which I don't blame her... I bet it hurt like the bajeebers!  Of course, I started to panic.  I didn't want to upset her... but we were not home, so I wasn't near the pediatrician.  I tried calling them... then my family doc... then the pediatric dentist (over an hour away!).  The dentist said that it happens more than you would think... especially with toddlers learning to walk and just getting their teeth.  The tooth wasn't loose, which was good as far as it falling out and her swallowing it!  It was more jammed than anything!  Oddly enough, Eloise has an appointment at the dentist on Monday for a check up... so they told me to bring Dinah as well so they can check it out.  Cory was googling things to see what to expect - and I don't like the results!  I refuse to google it!  So we are praying that it hasn't done too much damage (none at all would be awesome!).  

And look... Dinah eventually stopped crying to hang out with her buddy, Ruthie.  Not sure how Ruthie feels about it, but she was a good sport!

Eloise enjoyed spending time with Madelyn, of course!


Eloise has some blood work coming up next month for her food allergies!
Always something with us, that's for sure!

I am just thankful for our over all health this year so far!
And I'll be ecstatic when this snow melts!  haha!


  1. You *forgot* to say how your lovely sister stayed completely calm, cool and collected! And panicked but not didn't make Dinah you did well mama! :)

  2. Devon this is wonderful news about your father in law, i often add him in my prayers, hope Dinah is ok, best wishes jackie


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