Thursday, February 13, 2014

Off I Go!

Tomorrow I leave for a wedding in Arizona.
It will be my first time away from the girls (4 days), other than when I was in the hospital having Dinah.  And it will be Cory's first time watching them for an extended period of time with out me.  
I admit, I have anxieties over the whole thing.... 
but I want to be there for my cousin.  

We grew up dreaming of our weddings.  

She was in mine, now I have the chance to be in hers.

Prayers for peace and safe travels would be appreciated!

I'm sure gonna miss these sweeties!

**Please keep Cory's dad in your prayers.  He saw the doctor today to get the results of his biopsy.  We were all under the impression that the results were good (from what we had been told before)... but one of the head doctors is doubting the results (basically said they were garbage) and is upset at the doctor who performed the original biopsy. He is having a different doctor perform another biopsy on Feb 24th.  Needless to say, that threw us for a loop!!**

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