Thursday, September 26, 2013

Take THAT Cancer!

Just a brief update on my father-in-law.  
You can read my previous post about what was going on HERE if you'd like a refresher!.

Yesterday was his 2nd Gamma Knife Surgery on his brain.  We were surprised to get the call that the doctors wanted to schedule it so soon.  We weren't expecting anything until October!  My in-laws had to leave in the wee hours to get to the hospital in time for his 6AM appointment.  My mother-in-law called with updates and he got prepped and was in the actual surgery a little after 9AM.  We finally got a call not long after that... that they were able to "zap" the new tumor and that they determined that the other tumors which they thought were re-growing... were only swollen from his previous surgery!  (Gamma Knife can have effects on the brain for many months following surgery).  

We are thrilled!  This is great news!  
Of course, we would like him to NOT have tumors at all!  
But the outlook is very optimistic! 

Thank you for the prayers!  We are so very grateful!

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  1. Wonderful news, i often stand at my kitchen sink while washing the dishes and say my prayers, i have kept you father in law in my wishes jackie x


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