Monday, August 19, 2013

 The other day, we tried to have our own little "photography session" in our back yard.
That didn't work out so well.
Dinah was more interested in the grass than anything - 
when she wasn't covering her eyes from the bright sun!


 Eloise was a bit of a wiggle worm as well.
Perhaps we'll try again another day!

I'm still enjoying a few flowers from my Birthday Bouquet several weeks ago!
I truly love daisies!  Such a simple flower... but hardy, for sure!

I have a confession!
I bought myself MORE yellow daisies this past week to display in the living room.  I took a few flowers to my sweet Weezer's grave and brought the rest home to try to cheer myself up after the 1 yr anniversary of her passing came and went.  They didn't really help to cheer me up.  Oh well.   They're pretty and it was worth a shot.  Still miss her like crazy!

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