Saturday, August 17, 2013

Love is a Reason to Celebrate

As I mentioned in this post...
My friend/cousin was recently engaged.  Being that she now lives across the country, we had to take advantage of when she was back in town to throw her a bridal shower!  Since she is planning her wedding to be 6 months from now, well, we only had a few weeks to pull things together.  Though we had to work last minute with booking a place (my mom's church basement!), it turned out VERY nice thanks to my mom and sister (and some other family, of course).  And I think my cousin truly was pleased and enjoyed the special time of celebration.  Here are some pictures to share!

(Please excuse the lack of quality.  I think the florescent lighting mucked up some good shots!)

Visiting with the Bride and Groom (to-be's) the day before!
Meghan finally meets Dinah!

Please join us!
(My NEW marker kept giving out!  But it turned out OK, I suppose!)

Eloise, the entertainer!

 The set up!

The food!

My niece playing one of the games... Eloise was trying to play too! 
 And a nice shot of the bride and her mom!

Another cousin of ours made the cake to go with our citrus theme!


Meghan was nice enough to let some of the little girls help open gifts!
Eloise opened a Pig chip-clip that oinked!
(That's my gift she was opening in the bottom left.. heehee)

Me and the beautiful Bride-to-be!

It is always wonderful to celebrate love with those you love!

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