Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Tomorrow is Eloise's birthday.  I can't even believe I'm typing it... but she'll be 2.  Where has the time gone?  If I dwell on it too much, it puts me in a funk... so I try to enjoy each day as they come.

On Sunday we had a small get together at our house.  "Small" still means "packed" when it comes to our little house!!  Eloise knew we were having a party, but was napping when everyone came.  She was pleasantly surprised to see everyone when she came downstairs!  She was especially excited to see her cousins!

I tried to muster up a Sesame Street theme... but I forgot to take a picture of my handmade invitations... and with little Miss Dinah greeting the world less than 3 weeks ago, my decorations left much to be desired!  Thankfully though, Eloise is quite happy with simple things like... plain old balloons.  So it didn't turn out too bad!

I am no photographer... but here are some pictures from the evening!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

So excited about the balloons (and cousins)!

 "Ernie's Rubber Ducky Punch"

SO thankful that Pappy could be at the party with us!

Opening presents!

 Having fun!

The "Birthday Tree"... decorated with Sesame Street decorations!

Hugs for Jaxson!

My dad holding Dinah.


And last but not least... a short little clip of Eloise blowing out her candles!

Tomorrow will probably be emotional for me...
Two whole years.
I can't imagine my life without our Sweet El!


  1. What lovely pictures, eloise looks so happy!
    Your father in law looks happy to be there to.
    I look at my girls now and it seems like yesterday they were little blowing their candles out. Have a wonderful day with your girls tomorrow, happy birthday to eloise. best wishes jackie x

  2. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Those cupcakes are amazing! The tree was so sweet. I loved the video--boy, was Eloise happy! Enjoy every minute--they grow up so fast.
    Love ya!


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