Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting Ready!

Christmas is fast approaching!  Eloise and I have been working on some projects to get ready for it... but I've been weighing back and forth about posting them because you just never know who might happen to read this here lil blog!  

But, I decided to take a slight gamble... (assuming my sister doesn't let my nephew see the little "peek" I'm going to post... and also that my one aunt won't cruise by before the holidays as well)!

Eloise was so excited to make some Salt Dough ornaments.
Though, baking at 200* took a lot longer than 3 hours!
Perhaps next time I will roll the dough a little thinner!

Besides the excitement of making a hand print...
Eloise enjoyed painting!

 Our aunt has a white tree with all sorts of blue, green and silver ornaments.
I think most of it is peacock-related.
Funky and fun... and well...
perhaps this will qualify to hang up there with all of those shiny glass ornaments! 
(Hey, we used glitter!)

My on-going project has been a fun hoodie for my Volkswagen enthusiast nephew!
I am not going to post a full picture, in case he were to glance at my sister's computer screen...

But that shows you that I am hand-stitching all around the patch!
I had a little trial and error... figuring out how to make a (HUGE) patch using Wonder Under...
Then I did a little trial and error of using my sewing machine to see if I could zig-zag around it.
Ultimately, the decision was hand-stitching.  
It will take me 5x as long, but will hopefully hold up better in the end!

(A shout out to Ms. Conway from 7th grade Home-Ec who showed me the blanket stitch!)

And lastly... 
we are getting ready here at home for the new baby to arrive.

This is Eloise's "camera".

It is, in fact, a tape measure.
But she pretends it is a camera.
So, for Christmas we got her a toy camera of her own
to "help take pictures of the baby".

We also ordered a couple of books about bringing home a new baby.
Eloise has taken a liking to them...

I had an appointment yesterday and I am 1cm.
The doctor doesn't think I'll go soon... but perhaps around Christmas!

So, in the meantime...
we're just Getting Ready!

And praying for a safe and healthy delivery, mama and baby!

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  1. you do a mean blanket stitch- I am not so hot at it at all!!!! Happy happy holidays to you and the family and I am so excited to hear about your new arrival soon!!!!


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