Monday, October 26, 2009

Weaving Project #1... FINISHED!

So, I finished the scarf a week and a half ago or so... I can't remember the exact date... but I procrastinated on posting pics. No reason really... just being a procrastinator! I don't have a picture of me modeling the scarf... but that's OK. I am not 100% happy with the outcome. A light bulb went off in my head the other day about something I didn't do right in the set up... but that just means I will know better for next time.

This is at the end (yes, those are panty hose! Don't worry, they aren't a part of the finished product!):

This is after I gently washed it. You are supposed to lay it flat to dry so the fibers don't pull out of whack... so I had to improvise with my laundry hampers and sweater dryer!

I think I know what I want to do for my next project... however, I have some other things to take care of first... like making my Christmas Cards! I had bought some on sale last year that had a really great message. Sometimes I think people get so caught up in the commercialism of it all, they forget the real meaning of Christmas. No, not Santa Claus and presents... JESUS!! So these Christmas cards I got have a great message. They are matter-of-fact about JESUS. But... the other day, I decided to make a Block Print... and decided that I wanted to use it to hand-make my cards this year. So... I think I'll put the other cards on the back burner for now. However, my hand-made cards reflect Jesus as well! I'm not going to post a picture because I don't want to spoil it for those friends and family who may sneak a peek at my blog! But I will be sure to post a pic at some point. I must say... I VERY MUCH enjoy block printing. I was so afraid of not being able to do it well that I kept putting it off so I wouldn't have to deal with the disappointment. (I'm too critical of myself!) But, finally... I did it... and I loved it! And now I have many more ideas running through my head! :)

Finally, this past weekend I went to see one of my absolute favorite bands. If you want to check them out.. go here: SLEEPING AT LAST . Cory and I help out at a teen center in my hometown. We used to help out every weekend by volunteering our time to hang out and be the "responsible adults" for the kids that come in... but after getting married and moving 45-50 mins away, it's just too hard to get back and forth. Especially with these ridiculous gas prices ($2.75!!!) and not to mention, the place closes at 11PM, so we wouldn't get home until around midnight or so. (We are not night owls... LOL!) SO... part of how I help out, besides keeping up with their MySpace page, is to book Christian Concerts. I contacted Sleeping At Last with the minor hope that they may keep us in mind for some day when they were traveling through... however, they wanted to book right away!! It all happened pretty fast! They came and were SO nice... and their concert was AMAZING!! I can't believe it's over already!!

Cory was nice enough to take pictures so that I could just sit and totally enjoy myself! :) (I know, I have a sweet hubby) Anyway, they were awesome and I highly suggest you check them out and go see them if they are in your area!

My mom might be bringing my nephews over, so I have to go straighten up a little bit! Cory had a tick on him this morning! ((shudder)) So I am going to vacuum the house and the couch, etc just for good measure. *YUCK* And it's also a beautiful day to hang out laundry!


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