Friday, October 16, 2009

A Cozy Day Inside...

It's been snowing here the past couple of days. Yes, SNOW! I had gone to a nearby town yesterday to meet my sister and niece for lunch and had to drive through some pretty snowy/slushy roads as I went over the mountain. It's a little too early for snow in my book, however it gave me a warm feeling being in my cozy car... and made me look forward to the upcoming holiday season! Of course, I'm not opposed to the cold weather receding a bit so we can get back to the normal autumn beauty... but it's given me a boost to work on some more with my loom and also get a little sewing done. I am hoping to do mostly handmade gifts this year for Christmas... although I won't mention what they are here since I never know who will be reading my blog! I would like to share a photo of some skirts I've sewn up. I just sewed the corduroy one today! I get such satisfaction out of finishing a project! (I need to get that scarf done!!) I hope you're all keeping warm (or cool) depending on where you are!

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  1. The snow is way toooo early for me! It is a bit tooooooooo cold!

    I love those skirts though! They look fantastic and I love the fabric!!! :)


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