Monday, June 15, 2009

Enjoying My Day at Home... Oh, and PICS!

Today, I spent a lot of the morning trying to upload pics from the wedding to my computer and then onto facebook. Let me tell you... it took a long time! And it was just the WEDDING pics that a family friend so graciously took and burned onto CDs for us! If you are so inclined... please feel free to check them out HERE! There is one pic that didn't make it on the list because it was one that my aunt took... but I snatched it from her and thought I'd share it. It's one of my favorite pics with my dad!
Other than uploading and sharing pictures, I have been vacuuming, baking homemade sandwich rolls (crossing my fingers they turn out OK!), baking banana bread and cutting up old jeans to hopefully use to make rugs on my loom one of these days! I also have a sink full of dishes to do... but I was waiting to work on them until I put the bread in the oven. I am enjoying staying home... there are still some boxes to unpack in the 2nd bedroom... and pictures/decorations to hang up... but it will all happen time! I am hoping tomorrow to post the honeymoon photos... but there are even MORE of those... so it may take awhile!
Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. So glad you are enjoying being a homemaker!!! :) Sounds like you are keeping busy. I must admit though...I miss ya. At the picnic at Sandi and Randy's the other night...I almost cried cuz I felt sad that I couldn't invite you and Cory. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!!! :)


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