Monday, June 29, 2009

Cruisin'... on a Saturday Afternoon!

This past Saturday, Cory and I drove out to my hometown to go on a volkswagen car cruise with my dad and nephew. We drove out to my dad's garage and got his summer help to wash the bug down. As they washed, we went into the waiting area and played around on the juke box (which I absolutely LOVE). I thought I broke it though and we kind of panicked! It's an old juke box and my mom is still finding 45's to fill it with. I accidentally punched in a number that didn't have a record in the slot... I guess that kind of confused it! Luckily, my dad knows the little tricks and was able to reach in and flip a couple of switches to re-set it! PHEW! After the bug was washed, we drove out to my sister's to pick up our nephew!
Here he is for his FIRST ever "buggy" ride. He was always too small to ride with me (because of the child seat having to be buckled in a certain way--but now that he can ride in a booster, its perfect!) Here is me and J with my bug and camper (my dad just painted it for our wedding so it's pretty snazzy!) Here is a shot of some other veedubs that went on the cruise... there were about 20 or so in all. J and Uncle Cory trying to keep out of the sun! My dad drove the camper with his passenger, Penny (his black lab). And we rode in the bug. It was fun to ride in a long line of vw's and get stares and waves! It was the first time I'd ever done anything like that and I hope to do it again next year! Cory and I were paranoid that we were going to run out of gas (my gas gauge isn't the greatest). So after the ride, we stopped at Sheetz and it would only take 3.8 gals! There was NO WAY that I was believing that! We had driven 40 miles from our house to my hometown. Then we drove another 18 or so miles to the meeting spot for the car cruise... then another 18 miles back (while on the cruise) and another 30 miles in another direction... and then BACK to town and to my sister's and then to the gas station! HOLY COW! 3.8 gals--I don't think so! So, when we got to the other side of town, we decided to stop at another gas station so that I could pump the gas and see if maybe Cory just wasn't holding the nozzle right (gassing the bug can be a little tricky). I only got 51 cents worth in the tank and it was FULL to the BRIM!! That means we got about 33 MPG in the bug! HOLY COW! Can I say that again?! HOLY FRIGGIN COW! So that was pretty sweet! Over all it was a good time. It was a nice thing to do with my dad and J... and of course, Cory! (Hee hee! The camper wouldn't start every time my dad turned it off--needs some tweaking--so Cory was the designated pusher... lets just say after pushing 6 times in 80+ degree heat... Cory was WIPED!) BUT IT WAS FUN!!! A nice way to spend a Saturday!!

(ps--added new items to ETSY!)


  1. Those are great pictures!!! I know Jaxson had a blast! Thanks for taking him! :)

  2. Aww, sounds like fun! Danny's jealous of your bug and your dad's camper! hehe ~Jillian~


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