Monday, December 5, 2016

Audra turns TWO

We had a princess party for Audra's 2nd birthday!
Cinderella's friends (above) decorated the dining room.
All of the Disney princesses decorated the tree (below).
The girls helped color the princesses.

The girls wore their Halloween costumes!
Snow White, Cinderella and Belle
(though I didn't get a good picture of Dinah as Belle to share!)

We had family and our neighbors over for dinner and cupcakes!

A family picture... with a balloon string down the middle...
and a crying Dinah!  (While Audra and El were being goofy!)

And finally... the last present!


  1. So exciting...congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you. We had the wonderful surprise from you today. Clyde and I loved it and he remembered you. I had him to read the card out loud to see what i had gotten so excited about. I think of you often and will not make excuses for not keeping in touch. i just pray our lives will be easier this coming year and we can stay in our home. Doctors are wanting us to go into a home but we are doing all we can to stay here. I love you and your beautiful family and wish you the best with the new little one coming. Love always, Marie


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