Friday, October 2, 2015


Ummm... whoops.  It's been over a month since I last posted.  
I know I'm not consistent, but even THAT surprised me!  
A lot has been going on.  I guess blogging has been put on the back burner a bit.

So, for a quick recap of the past month.... let me start with....

Audra is now 10 months old!!  She is walking, running and trying to 
keep up with her sisters around every turn!  She babbles incoherently, 
however she repeats the same things and it makes me wonder if she 
really IS trying to say something!  Who knows!  

She started getting all 4 top teeth over the past week and a half or so!  
It has NOT been a pleasant experience for her.  They say it's not true 
that babies get runny noses when they teethe.... but she has literally had a 
runny nose the whole time.  And the rest of us have not gotten sick.  Sooooo... I 
have no clue.  All I know is that I hope she cuts the last 2 pretty soon.  She has been 
quite the cranky pants!  HOWEVER, I am SOOO thankful that she has been 
sleeping through the night for the past week and a half or so also!  This past 
week has been the first time in over a year (the last couple months of my 
pregnancy were not pleasant) that I have gotten 8 hours of sleep without multiple 
interruptions.  I can't tell you how nice that is!  Granted, I am sleeping on an air 
mattress in the living room (Cory claimed the couch!), but I'LL TAKE IT!  
It seems as if Audra wakes up and wants me more when she knows 
I'm in the room.  "Mamamamamamamaaaa!" was a constant at 
11PM, 1AM, 3AM, 5AM and so on.  Not anymore!  Of course, it could 
just be that I don't hear her now!  Ha!

(Not a fan of the crunchy leaves!)

In other "news"... if you have followed along with my posts about 
my Father-in-Law's battle with cancer, I have an update.  Unfortunately, 
it's not a good update.  He had a scan this past Monday that showed three 
of the tumors on his brain that they've been watching are starting to re-grow.  
His last scan was clear in May.  He says that he's not ready to give up yet!  
However, they've exhausted all treatment options up to this point.  We are hopeful 
that perhaps he can get into some sort of clinical trial, so Cory is researching to see 
if he would qualify for any in the near future.  I must say though, we have been 
blessed.  When he was first diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2011, we were 
told that he had 6 months to live.  Here we are 4.5 years later.  It's been a rough road.  
A REALLY rough road, especially for him, my Mother-in-Law and Cory.  But 
through it all, my Father-in-Law has gotten to see two more granddaughters be 
born and bring joy to our lives.  That is so much more than a lot of cancer 
patients can say... and I know that he does not take it for granted!  We would 
appreciate your prayers in his continued battle.  He's not done yet!  
On a side note... his mother (Cory's gram) passed away yesterday morning.  
Prayers for peace and comfort would also be appreciated as we have her 
Memorial and Burial over the next several days.

Eloise and Dinah are doing well!  They enjoy playing... and playing... and playing.  
Eloise has been doing well with her schooling.  We've gotten into a rhythm 
and it's been fun at times, trying at times and even a learning experience for me!

(Sitting on our neighbor's tractor!)

We went to a Fall Festival last weekend for a couple of hours and 
the girls enjoyed seeing friends and family.  I snapped this picture of 
them as "pumpkin heads".  (Maybe you remember me painting it
couple years ago...?  Fun!).  

Poor Audra didn't enjoy her first Fall Festival due to teething and a runny nose!

In closing, though I'm sure I could go on and on and on about life, 
I would just like to say that I have been dealing with some health issues myself.  
I have some tests coming up and would appreciate prayers of peace and 
encouragement... not only for myself but for Cory, who inevitably 
worries about me! 


  1. Dear Devon, I will keep you all in my prayers, may God watch over you all and keep you safe, have a lovely weekend and enjoy your beautiful family. Best Wishes x

  2. Prayers for all of you with all the sickness in your family

  3. praying for you and your family..
    god bless..


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