Sunday, March 29, 2015

After my last blog post, a friend reminded me that while my children are a top priority... it is also important that they see me doing and enjoying the hobbies and things I love.  That they see me as more than just Mommy.  As a person who has interests and likes that I can (hopefully) share with them as they grow.  I admit, it's easy to lose yourself in the craziness of taking care of your children, husband and home!  So I thought I would make an effort to post about the things I do with the girls that highlight some of the "creative" things I've always loved to do.  The key here, for me, is balance.  I have to let them do what they do - even though it's hard for me not to want to tell them how "I" would do it.  I also have to make sure that I don't put the project over them.  That's why I find it hard to bust out my sewing machine... because when I'm in sewing mode I know I am easily irritated by their interruptions (ditto on using the computer, which is why I often don't have time to post!).  So, while it may be awhile until I can sew again... I look forward to doing other, more simple things to help them see my creativity and learn to blossom their own!

Recently we did a little painting project!  I drew "hidden messages" on paper and let them paint with watercolors to reveal the messages.  While it didn't go exactly as I had planned (Dinah didn't quite put enough paint to see the whole message... and things got a little messier than I'd hoped!), they had SO much fun!

Eloise was so excited to see the shapes come
 to fruition when she painted over
the white crayon "message" I had drawn.

Dinah enjoyed playing in the water more than the actual painting part!

Finished products!

We also did a little Easter craft...

We made Easter cards to send to some family!  
I drew some Easter eggs and they happily painted them!

The cards will be going out in the mail tomorrow!

Did you (or do you) do anything fun and creative with your kids!
I'm always up for ideas and I'd love to hear them!!

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