Friday, August 22, 2014

Christmas Shopping 95% Complete!

I know, I know... summer isn't even over yet... 
and here I am ready to talk about Christmas!
I can't help myself.  With baby #3 on the way, I am really trying to be
 on-the-ball and organized with my Christmas shopping list! 
 I just don't want to be waiting until the last minute.  
The crazy thing is, I have SO many other household things I 
should probably be getting in order before even thinking of Christmas... 
but those things are too overwhelming at this point.  SO... I have almost 
everyone on my list taken care of... and once everything arrives, 
you better believe I'm going to get it wrapped! 
 Oddly, I feel a sense of satisfaction 
about silly things such as getting my Christmas presents wrapped.  
I even help my neighbor wrap hers!

Here is a rag garland I made that I plan on giving to my 
neighbors a little early this year so that they can use it to decorate with. 

I made a bigger one for a friend and sent it to her for her birthday 
(yes, in August)... so I decided to use the left over 
fabric to make another.  Something simple to make that adds a 
little pizazz to holiday decorating!  
I know my neighbors will really like it!

What about you?  Do you do your Christmas Shopping early?
Any hints or tips?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fair Time!

 Last week my mom brought my sister's kids over and we headed
for the county fair!  It was Dinah's first time...
and though she didn't show much expression in the pictures, 
she did enjoy herself.  I think she was just so busy taking it all in!

I was very thankful for my niece and nephews who helped
Eloise on and off the rides, sitting with her and helping her hold on.
I wasn't able to help, since pregnant people aren't allowed on
the rides (not that I would get on while pregnant anyway!)

Dinah's first ride ever!  
The carousel!

I was a bit on edge the whole time, knowing that there are many
germs and many unthinking kids (and adults) there. 
With El's food allergies and Reactive Airway Disease, 
it is just so scary to let her be in such a high traffic, dirty place.
But I always keep her medicine within reach... and there is
a hospital not too far away... so even though I was
on edge, I was glad she could have the experience. 
THOUGH, she did start to break out in hives while on the
carousel (above).  Thankfully when they got off, we wiped
everyone's hands and took a little break and the hives
seemed to go away.  (phew!)

Someone was excited to get on the Ferris Wheel
for the first time ever!

She LOVED it!  
Dinah stayed on the ground with Mommy!

 Once again, I was so thankful for my sister's kids (and my mom)
helping my girls on the rides.  We all had a good time...
I'm sure the girls will look forward to next year
when the time rolls around!