Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Morning was spent as a family... 
the girls searched for their baskets and were
pleased with the few goodies they received. 

Oh, Easter grass!!!
How I loathe you... but the girls think you're great!

It was hard to get a good picture of the girls together.  
They wouldn't cooperate!
After church, we visited the neighbors before leaving to visit Cory's folks!

The girls got a few Easter gifts from the neighbors and
 these chairs have been a big hit!

It was nice to visit with Cory's parent and to see them laugh!
The girls enjoyed playing with the toys and with the dog!

 Cory's grandma used to decorate all sorts of eggs and Cory's mom 
decided to pull them out this year to decorate.  
The girls really liked to look at all of the hand-done designs!
(So did I!)

For us... Easter isn't about the bunny, baskets or the eggs...
though we do enjoy the fun of it.

Most importantly...


  1. Love the girls!
    Those chairs were a GREAT idea! Wish I had thought of it!! ;)

    Those hand-painted eggs are well done!

  2. They sure are having fun with that grass. Oh adorable they both are. Lovely egg tree.


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