Monday, January 20, 2014

And She Turns 3!

Thursday is Eloise's 3rd Birthday!  (Already!)  We had planned her birthday party for this coming weekend, however Cory's dad has had some more health issues.  They found a tumor on his lung.  A biopsy is scheduled for Jan. 24th.  Since the party would have been the 25th, and he could possibly still be in the hospital over 2 hours away, we decided to have the party a little earlier so he and my mother in law could attend.  We weren't 100% prepared... and normally I hate using streamers!  But with the limited options, we did what we could and I think it turned out pretty well!  I know Eloise had a blast and we are so thankful that MiMi and Pappy could be there with us to celebrate!  That's all that matters!  Hope you enjoy!

Happy Birthday El!!


  1. Happy Birthday El!!!! We love you! :)

  2. love your post I read your sisters all the time where I got your post checking it out your children are so adorable
    are you going to homeschool your children when they get older.

    1. Hi Beverly! Thanks for your comment! I hope to home school, yes! Eloise has some major food allergy issues which play a big part into that decision, but regardless of that, I would like to home school. Hopefully we find a house that is a bit bigger, as we are crammed as it is. But even if we stay in our little house, I'll make it work! A school room would be nice though! :)

  3. we home school and we do it in our kitchen . and they love it. I have two children mine are way older though they are middle and high school. and home school was the best way for both of mine because they like doing this in there time. there not a morning person. which I say morning they are up around 8 am. then they eat and start school while eating breakfast.
    so guess you could say that is why you could say that is why I homeschool in the kitchen.


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