Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dinah's First Wagon Ride!

What started out as a beautiful (rare!) November afternoon, perfect for a fun wagon ride... turned into a bit of panic when Cory received a call that his dad was being rushed to the hospital.  He'd suffered a seizure and possibly a stroke.  We were all pretty shaken... and Cory sped off to be with his parents.  After several hours in the hospital, the doctors determined that he did NOT have a stroke and they put him on some anti-seizure medication.  He will be contacting his cancer doctors in Pittsburgh on Monday to see if he can schedule an assessment.  It's not surprising that this has occurred, given all that his brain has been through with the tumors and treatments, but it is definitely alarming nonetheless.  Please keep Gene and our family in your prayers!  Boo spent the evening with us while my in laws and Cory were at the hospital... so we took this picture for Pappy! 


  1. Looks like the girls loved the wagon ride! Hooray for some fresh air and sunshine! :) Love the pictures!
    I have been praying for Gene and will continue to! I am anxious to hear what caused this!
    I think you should print out and frame that picture of Boo and El for Gene! It's great!

  2. Hi Devon your girls are growing up so fast. When they are together in some pictures I have to look closely to tell them apart. Both are so pretty! The picture of Boo and El will be a nice treat for granddad! Wishing you and family a Blessed Sunday!


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