Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dear Eloise,

     I took you to the Fair today.  It was awesome!  You really didn't know what to expect... but you were all about it from the moment your first carousel ride began.  To watch your eyes light up; to hear your laughter as the carousel went around and your horse moved up and down... was absolute pure joy - for the both of us!  You rode one ride by yourself... but the rest we rode together.  The carousel, mini tea cups, a fire truck ride and the helicopters!  You played the duck game and won a horn.  I played darts and you picked out a pink puppy as our prize.  When we went to see the animals - you startled when a sheep bleated and also when a turkey gobbled (got that one on video!).  

     Thank you for the laughs and smiles!  I had a wonderful day!  I even turned us around at the gate so you could ride the "horseys" for the third time.  

     It was worth every penny and every second FOR YOU.

     I love you so much, El!
     You're my best girl.

Love, Mommy

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