Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eloise went to her first (public) Easter Egg Hunt this past Saturday!  She had a lot of fun... even though all of the eggs were gone in a matter of a minute or two!  She did get 10 eggs though and shared the loot with her cousin!
If you saw my previous post, you could maybe tell that Eloise was not too fond of the Easter Bunny at the store.  Mommy had to stick right with her and she was shaking like a leaf!  She really liked the Easter Bunny that was at the Hunt on Saturday though!  She even gave him a kiss!
Easter morning was fun!
Eloise liked her Easter Basket!  She loves the Five Little Monkeys... so she got a couple of books and an audio CD to listen to the books in the car!  And also some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines.  You can't really see them in her basket... but they are there... and she was thrilled!
Dinah got The Berenstain Bears Dolls and a Book!  I'm sure if she had any clue what was going on, she would have been pretty happy as well.  But regardless of Easter Baskets and presents... she's just a happy baby anyway!
Love our Girls!!


  1. So sweet! I sure do love those girls!!! :)

  2. Beautiful photos, Dinah is so like her sister! Best wishes jackie x

  3. Love the bunny ears photo of the girls together!

  4. Your girls are absolutely precious!!!

    Please, do tell where you got those dolls. I've been looking
    for those. ;)

  5. Shannon... The Berenstain Bear Dolls??? They were actually at a discount store in my town. I think they were there because there was a misprint on the Sister Bear Tag. Only $2.99 a piece! I bought them awhile ago... so I don't think there are any left... but if you want to send me your email address, I can let you know if I see them the next time I go to that store. :)

  6. Why I've never seen an Easter Bunny look like that! Mine were all like the one you have on a previous post- a bit creepy!!!!

    Happy Easter to you all- the girls are just gorgeous and I'm glad to hear your father in law has lots of potential and hope in his future :)


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